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Lawlevelup: Online Certificate Course on Moot Court Skills – Enrol by June 25

About the Course

Lawlevelup is offering an online certificate course designed to equip law students with the essential skills required for success in moot court competitions. The course, crafted by an accomplished moot court winner, provides practical insights into researching and preparing legal cases, drafting persuasive memorials, and presenting arguments effectively before a panel of judges. This course is ideal for law students aiming to excel in moot court competitions and enhance their legal advocacy skills. This page contains detailed information about Lawlevelup: Online Certificate Course on Moot Court Skills – Enrol by June 25.

About the Organisation

Lawlevelup is dedicated to providing practical legal industry knowledge that goes beyond theoretical learning. In today’s competitive legal landscape, practical skills are crucial, and Lawlevelup aims to equip aspiring legal professionals with the tools needed to excel in their legal careers. By connecting learners with experienced legal professionals and industry experts, Lawlevelup ensures a comprehensive learning experience.

Course Structure/ Modules

The course is divided into six modules, each focusing on a critical aspect of moot court preparation and performance:

  1. Introduction to Moot Court
    • Overview of the purpose and significance of moot court competitions.
  2. Research Techniques
    • Effective strategies for conducting legal research.
  3. Drafting of Memorial
    • Practicing the art of drafting a persuasive and well-structured memorial.
  4. Mastering The Oral Round
    • Perfecting the skill of delivering a compelling and well-structured oral argument.
  5. Secret Tips of Winning in a Moot Court
    • Expert tips on how to win moot court competitions.
  6. Using AI for Moot Courts
    • Leveraging AI to enhance performance in moot court competitions.


The course features Ms. Jahnvi Pandey, an experienced and accomplished moot court competitor. Her accolades include:

  • Quarter Finalist at 5th ILSCA National Mediation Competition, 2022
  • Qualified Memorial Selection at 14th NALSAR Justice B.R. Sawhny Moot, 2021
  • Overall Rank 5 as Speaker for Preliminary Rounds – NLIU Justice R.K. Tankha Memorial International Arbitration Moot, 2021
  • Winner of XV Internal Moot Court Competition, 2020
  • Winner of 1st Online Trial Moot Court Competition, 2020
  • Winner and Best Memorial of Novice Moot Court, 2020
  • Quarter Finalists in the 7th GNLU Moot on Investment and Securities Law 2023

Ms. Pandey’s extensive experience and success in moot court competitions provide valuable insights and guidance to course participants.

Who is This Course For?

This course is specifically designed for law students who are interested in improving their moot court skills and aiming to succeed in moot court competitions. Whether you are a novice or have some experience, this course will enhance your legal research, drafting, and oral advocacy skills.

Mode of Session

The course is delivered through recorded sessions, allowing participants to learn at their own pace and convenience. This flexibility ensures that students can fit the course into their busy schedules.

Course Duration

The course has a total duration of six hours, making it a concise yet comprehensive program that covers all the essential aspects of moot court skills.


Participants will benefit from:

  • Practical insights from an experienced moot court competitor.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of moot court preparation and performance.
  • Flexible learning through recorded sessions.
  • Expert tips on leveraging AI in moot courts.

Fee Structure

The course fee is Rs 1500.

Important Dates

  • Last Date of Registration: June 25, 2024

Enrolment Procedure

To enroll in the course, click here and complete the registration process before the deadline

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